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Special Event Flowers - by Dave's Flowers

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Special Event Flowers

You can find a variety of flowers in this website which are suitable for different occasions. Flowers symbolize different emotions such as happiness, hope and love. White roses represent passion, pink roses represent happiness, red roses represent passion, yellow roses stand for friendship and lilac roses represent love.

If you know the meanings and events associated with each flower, it will be easier to select the correct flowers to send. Sending suitable flowers to express the emotions associated with the event is a great gesture. Flowers have importance in occasions such as Christmas, Weddings, Thanksgiving, Anniversaries, Graduations, Friendship Days, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, apologies, house warming’s and for the ill. It is essential to know the meaning of each flower in order to avoid sending the wrong flower and giving the receiver the wrong meaning.

Below is a list of flowers that are recommended for the associated occasions:

  • Amaryllis flowers can be given as recognition for a job that is done well such as achievements in school and work.
  • Apple blossoms symbolize sensuality, fertility, peace and love, and they are perfect for decorating bedchambers.
  • Camellia flowers symbolize passion, refinement and desire. Camellia flowers are the perfect gift for your sweetheart as it shows a deep longing for them.
  • Chrysanthemums and daisies are meant for birthdays and anniversaries. The conventional and luxury bouquets with suitable colors are ideal for anniversaries.
  • Daffodil flowers indicate honesty, forgiveness, forthrightness, truth and faith. You can give daffodils as an indication of forgiveness or appreciation.
  • Dahlias have various meanings such as warning, travel, change and betrayal. You can combine dahlias with tulips or irises to show an excellent display which indicates a kind heart.
  • Lily flowers symbolize partnerships, long lasting relationships, and they can be presented at weddings, friendship days etc.
  • Orchid flowers are perfect for thank you occasions and birthdays as they last long. These flowers should be arranged in a certain way to present them better. Flowers that are brightly colored are better suited for birthdays.
  • Pansy flowers symbolize remembrance, and you can place them on stones and memorial markers of people who have passed away.
  • Sunflowers shows spirituality, opportunity and flexibility which are perfect for a person who would like to achieve their lifetime goal.
  • Tropical blooms can be given to those who are ill because these flowers are vibrant in color and can lift up their spirits.
  • White carnations are perfect to show someone they are important in your life.
  • Wreaths or white bouquets can be given to a departed soul wishing to rest in peace.
  • Bouquets presented to newlyweds should reflect the season or theme of the wedding and they should be presented to the couple by the guests.
  • Gerbera flowers are the most suitable if you want to congratulate the birth of a child. To congratulate the birth of a girl, you can give pink colored flowers and if you want to celebrate the birth of a boy, you can present yellow or orange colored flowers. These flowers are bold and vibrant in color.
  • At a graduation, you can present more refined flowers with vibrant colors. A bouquet with various colored lilies is an excellent option for a graduation.

Davesflowers is the best florist to go to because they supply high quality flowers in areas such as Mount Sinai Memorial Park, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills, Forest Lawn- Glendale and San Fernando Valley. Our professional florist can help you create unique and beautiful gifts for special occasions that will leave a lasting impression.

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